Cultural Strategy

Cultural strategy


Corporate Objective


Creating value: provide high-quality products for the society, meet social needs, realize product value, and create its own value of Hengyuan; build actively the shared vision of Hengyuan corresponding with employee benefits and pursuit of value, play the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff fully, realize self-value and build a broad platform for employees, and make the employee realize self-value and realize common victory of Hengyuan and employee while struggling for Hengyuan.

Give back to the society: all resources of Hengyuan are from the society, and the company’s survival and development is inseparable from the society. Giving back to the society and benefiting the society are our incumbent responsibilities and obligations. Since establishing the plant, we created good economic benefits and social benefits for the society and the state through entrepreneurial spirit and working hardly. In the future development, Hengyuan will practice this value as always, integrate itself into the trend of social development, create greater wealth for the society, and make a greater contribution on the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and progress of human society.