About Hengyuan

Technical Innovation

Achievements Made Through Technical Innovation

Jointly promote technical innovation through cooperation between school, enterprise and research institute. The company innovated the heavy oil catalytic cracking unit employing the TMP two-stage riser catalytic cracking technology developed by China University of Petroleum. This technology comprises the first-stage riser and second-stage riser reactor and the first-stage and second-stage risers share the original settler. This reactor features low steam consumption, controllable reaction time, even fluidization and high catalyst circulation capacity. Relying on such technical innovation, the new technological invention of Hengyuan Petrochemical in producing propylene and high-octane gasoline by catalytic cracking of cocker gas oil has been conferred the second-class award for technological invention from Chinese Education Department.

Employing the technology of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in producing ethlybenzene from ethylene in catalytic cracking dry gas, the company recovers the valuable ethylene contained in catalytic cracking dry gas, and comprehensively utilizes catalytic cracking dry gas dry gas, which plays an active role in promoting the company’s survival and development.

Continuously and bravely try, and industrialize innovative technologies. The company employs the technology of gasoline desulfurization by fixed bed adsorption for gasoline upgrading. This technology features short process flow, simple operation, low energy consumption and small area of land occupied. The processed gasoline can meet the national V emission standard for gasoline and the octane loss can be reduced to the maximum extent.


Company’s Development Prospect

The overall relocation of Hengyuan Petrochemical from the urban area to the chemical industry park has been proposed based on the actual particulars of the company’s development according to the related documents issued by the state and provincial governments and is a main goal of the company’s development in the near future. For this project, the core secondary processing technologies include catalytic cracking and continuous reforming technologies, the goal is to produce triphenyls and low-carbon olefins and the process line is refining-chemical integration. Proven production technologies of domestic and international leading levels have been employed. 15 patented technologies of French company Axens, China University of Petroleum, Changling Technology Co., Ltd, East China Design Company, etc. have been introduced, 12 main production units, 4 auxiliary production units and 24 utility units have been constructed, all of which complies with the requirements of industrial policies. 


The deployment of this project not only solves the safety, environmental and other issues in the urban area of Linyi, but also creates larger space for the company’s development, and achieves multiple goals such as elimination of outdated capacity, improvement of technical level, energy conservation and consumption reduction, optimization of overall process flow, adjustment of product structure.


After its relocation, Hengyuan will be constructed as a state-of-the-art, safe, environmentally friendly, energy-conserving, efficient and novel refining and chemical base that utilizes resources at higher rate, creates better economic benefits and makes more contribution to the local economic development. Hengyuan will fully play its dominant role as a state-owned enterprise in boosting better and faster local economic development.


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