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Speech by Chairman

Speech by Chairman

Dear friends:

Those with the same ideals think nothing of a long and arduous journey. Thank you for visiting the website of Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. at this moment.

The deepest truth is hidden in the simplest reason, and the savvy man can obtain the deepest truth from the simplest reason, and thus succeed.

Hengyuan's way of “being an enterprise” is being “positive”, righteous, optimistic, and upright. In the difficult road ahead, always keep in mind their own responsibilities and mission, have the courage to shoulder, be firm and restraint, not self-deception, not belittle him, not perfunctory, and not evasive. Maintain physical and mental integrity; believe in the vast and upright spirit that despite many ups and downs, there are always green mountains.

Hengyuan's development path is “adaptation”, adapting to time, adapting to the trend, and adapting to itself. Always keep pace with the pulse of the times and adapt to the changing trend of the market. The company must constantly seek for innovation, innovate in inheritance, and transcend in innovation; keep developing with the outside world, be indomitable and courageous to explore and practice the road of characteristic strong enterprises suitable for its own development.

Hengyuan's way of cooperation is “sincerity”. Honest people have credit, and credit can achieve the goal. Always adhere to the fine style of “promises must be kept and actions must be resolute”. In line with the principle of “be sincere and friendly, equality and mutually beneficial, and seek for common development”, we will work hand in hand with all like-minded people in the world.

The height decides the horizon and the horizon decides the realm! Today's Hengyuan is already in a larger and more focused world stage. There are many difficulties in the future, and we have the ambition to climb. In a new era of enterprise development in which economic globalization is unstoppable and regional environmental differences still exist, Hengyuan Petrochemical will firmly base itself on the country's “the Belt and Road” background, and will be able to compete in the unpredictable market competition! In the midst of the turbulent global economic tide, we will ride the wind and waves with consistent passion and vigorousness!