Cultural Strategy

Cultural strategy


Corporate Spirit


Realistic and pragmatic: everything to be done should seek, follow and use objective laws, and seek truth from facts; everything to be done should proceed from reality and work hardly. It is required that everyone of Hengyuan should seek the truth, tell the truth and work practically. Only if everyone tells the truth and seeks the truth, it can be ensured that the information is notified, sincere communication can be realized, and the scientific and correct decision can be made based on the truth. Only if everyone works practically and hardly, the company’s decision can be implemented in practical work, the execution capability can be implemented, and the beautiful vision can become reality. We should oppose firmly to concealing the truth, duplicity, formalism, perfunctoriness, reporting only the good but not the bad, fraud and other phenomena and behaviors contrary to the truth.

Entrepreneurship: it is required that all staff of Hengyuan should be innovative, be fearless of danger and difficulty, and strive to forge ahead; dare to break through rules, and walk the road not taken by others; change the thinking of conventionality, and get rid of rigid and backward state; make the challenge and stress become opportunity and motivation with extraordinary effort to realize the goal. Forge ahead constantly based on realistic and pragmatic spirit.