Cultural Strategy

Cultural strategy


Core Philosophy


Talent orientation: people oriented, and respecting the talent

Honesty: honesty and keeping faith, and real words and deeds 

Realistic and innovative: pragmatic and efficient, and pioneering and innovative

Simplicity and transparency: simple and efficient, and democratic management 

Talent orientation: the talent resource is the primary resource; pay attention to the talent, respect the talent, and everyone can become a talent; insist on talent-oriented, and promote all-round development of people.

Honesty: consider the honesty as the foundation of behavior, basis for development and source of credit. Honesty and integrity, upright character, loyal to everyone, seeking the truth from facts, and paying attention to credit; loyal to the company, loyal to the colleagues, loyal to the customers, loyal to the partner, taking actions lawfully, doing everything by the rules, and paving the road to success with integrity.

Realistic and innovative: pay attention to scientific and seek truth from facts, work and do business steadfastly according to the laws of development of things; break through conventional thinking, dare to reform and explore, be good at seeking opportunities from various environments and conditions, seize the opportunity, and make development.

Simplicity and transparency: remove redundant and complex rules, and adhere to the principle of working; implement democratic management, and carry out public factory affairs, and “there is no anything which is not public in Hengyuan”.