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The Second Group of HRC Senior Management Team Came to Shandong Hengyuan for Visit and Communication


The second group of HRC senior management team totally 13 persons came to Shandong Hengyuan for two-day visit and communication. Chairman and General Manager Wang Youde, Deputy General Manager Wang Zongquan, General Manager Assistant Tangliang, Liu Yongge etc. of SHPC had communication and discussion with HRC team.

During this session, HRC and SHPC have face to face discussions about out following issue.

Material procurement & bidding management, Warehouse & supply chain management, Entry & exit management, Emergency rescue & safety management, Chemical & additive management Equipment maintenance management, Scrap management. In combination with field visits to the factory, the two sides exchanged views on relevant parameters and processes of the device, equipment maintenance management, company security, etc. General Manager Assistant Chen Dezhi , General Manager Assistant Sun Lihong had face to face communication with HRC relevant person about the safety, risk control management, etc.

During the visit, Deputy Chairman Yang Wenlu of SHPC union, led the Muslims from HRC team to visit the Shijia mosque in Linyi County. This is fully demonstrating SHPC's concept of respecting national beliefs.

By mutual learning and communication both sides learnt a lot from each other on functional management and operation and enhanced relationship of HRC and SHPC. This session has played a good role in the future integration and common promotion of domestic and abroad company, and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and effective development of the group company's health.


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