Hengyuan International


Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Bai Tian and His Delegation Paid a Visit to HRC


Accompanied by HRC Chairman Wang Youde, CEO David Keat,Deputy CEO  Wang, Jocelyn-Chao-Jen, Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Bai Tian and his Delegation Paid a Visit to visit HRC on January 23, 2019.

Ambassador Bai and his delegation paid a visit to the factory and project construction area. He said that this visit mainly had two purposes. One is that with the approaching of Chinese New Year, he express condolences to HRC’s Chinese and foreign employees on behalf of the Chinese Embassy. The second is to have an in-depth understanding of the development of Chinese enterprises in Malaysia. He said that China and Malaysia have always maintained friendly relations and China has been Malaysia's largest trading partner for many years.

After the visit, ambassador Bai and his delegation held a symposium in HRC’s conference room. After listening to the corporate profile of HRC CEO, he highly praised HRC's high standard safety system and congratulated Hengyuan on its success. At the same time, he once again emphasized the principle of safety first.

At the symposium, ambassador Bai also put forward reasonable suggestions on the safety, personnel management and other aspects of HRC.\