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During the Spring Festival, Zhu Kaiguo, deputy Secretary of Dezhou Municipal Party Committee, visited HYSH and De Paul Road Co., Ltd to inspect and guide the work


On February 2, 2022, Zhu Kaiguo, deputy secretary of Dezhou Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, and his party visited HYSH to inspect the construction of enterprise transformation and upgrading projects, and conducted on-site inspection and guidance on the safe production and operation of De Paul Road Co., Ltd. Zhang Qi, secretary of Linyi County Party Committee and Wang Youde, chairman and general manager of HYSH accompanied the inspection and guidance. 

At the construction site of HYSH's relocation and transformation project from the city to the park, Wang in detail the company's refinery capacity withdrawal, protective demolition of original units and facilities, the relocation of overseas sales for reuse, and the planning and progress of new project. At the production command center of De Paul Road, Wu Changbin, the company's safety director, gave a detailed explanation on the safety production problems, potential safety hazards investigation, staff safety training and relevant incentive mechanisms that mayor Zhu is very concerned about.

Mayor Zhu highly affirmed the new ideas and practices of Hengyuan petrochemical in the construction of new project, praised the safety prevention system and safety intervention culture of De Paul Road, and encouraged the company to achieve a new benchmark of safe production in the chemical industry.

The relevant leaders of the Dezhou City and Linyi County and the relevant person in charge of the enterprise accompanied the inspection and guidance.

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