Cultural Strategy

Cultural strategy


Corporate Guideline


Developing enterprise with science and technology: the science and technology is the primary productive force, and it will be left behind, passive and beating, and lose vitality without strong scientific and technological foundation. Paying attention to science and technology is paying attention to science, paying attention to technology and paying attention to talent to store capacity and make power for development of Hengyuan.

Strengthen enterprise with management: the management is the foundation, and paying attention to management is focusing on the vitality, potential and motivation of the people. Improving the work enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employee is the source of vitality of Hengyuan.

Portraying enterprise with culture: the enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise development, the intangible asset of enterprise, a major force for cohesion and motivation of all employees by the enterprise, an important symbol of comprehensive strength of enterprise, and the core of competitiveness of modern enterprise. Do realize the cohesive and centripetal force of internalization in the heart and externalization in the shape of enterprise culture, promote development of Hengyuan with culture, and improve the image of Hengyuan with culture.

Carry forward enterprise with culture: the brand is reflected in enterprise products and core value, the brand is the epitome of good enterprise image, and a symbol of comprehensive competitiveness of enterprise. The brand and image of an enterprise are its greatest intangible assets, and not only may improve enterprise grade and notability, but also may enhance the confidence and pride of employees if shaping that well.