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Vice President Yang Fengguang of Qingdao Port International Group Limited, visited the company for investigation and guidance


On November 12, 2020, Vice President Yang Fengguang of Qingdao Port International Co., Ltd. led General Manager Xue Baolong and his assistant Zongjun of Qingdao Port Shihua Company, Oil Products Division Supervisor Zhang Qiang of Qingdao Port International Co., Ltd., Qingdao Wang Wei, Director of Port International Logistics Co., Ltd., and Luan Weichao, Director of oil business of Qingdao Port Shihua Company, went to the company for on-site investigation and guidance, accompanied by the company's Deputy General Manager Zhang Guifen and General Manager assistant Zhao Honggang.

At the meeting, Zhang Guifen welcomed all the leaders and briefly introduced the development history, development status and future prospect of the enterprise. Zhang Said that the smooth cooperation between Hengyuan and Qingdao Port effectively avoids the potential risk of single port docking, provids great help and lays a good foundation for the enterprise's transformation and development.

Vice President Yang thanked Hengyuan for its strong support to Qingdao Port over the years. He said that Hengyuan and Qingdao Port Group have many similarities in their development history, and hoped that both sides could strengthen cooperation and jointly help the future development of the enterprise. 

At the meeting, Zhao Honggang conducted in-depth exchanges with the specific business departments of Qingdao Port Shihua Terminal on demurrage, warehousing turnover, logistics and other issues.

【Joint report by General Manager Office and Crude Oli Supply Department】