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The Relocation Project of Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was Approved.


At 3:30 July 17, the company’s relocation project joint review meeting was held on the conference room of comprehensive building of New Town of Dezhou Municipal Government. The meeting was hosted by the Vice Mayor of Dezhou City Ma Junyun, the Municipal Deputy Secretary-General Xia Lianhong, the County Mayor of Linyi County Ma Wenguo, the Standing Committee Member of County Committee and Executive Vice County Mayor Li Aimin, the Deputy Director of the National People’s Congress, the Commander in Chief of County Relocation Project Guo Yongsheng, the company’s Executive Vice General Manager Gao Chuancheng and so on attended this meeting.

In the meeting, the Vice General Manager Gao introduced the company profile and overall relocation project in details. Later, all relevant municipal departments demonstrated the compliance of relocation project policy carefully, and discussed and improved individual problems. Through repeated demonstration, all attendees agreed overall relocation of Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and signed for confirmation under common witness.

Finally, The Deputy Major Ma Junyun praised the first batch of provincial identification of Linyi Chemical Industry Park as well as various work by leaps and bounds of Hengyuan highly, and the County Major Ma Wenguo expressed appreciation on great support on Linyi of municipal party committee and municipal government. The approval of relocation project through joint review marked that Hengyuan Petrochemical took the first solid step. With this good start, the relocation of Hengyuan Petrochemical will realize optimized and improved working process, product quality, safety and environmental protection, energy conversion and reducing consumption, and economic benefit led by the strategy of conversion and driving of old and new energy. 

The attendees also include: competent person in charge of Dezhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Economic and Information Commission, Department of Land and Resources, Environmental Protection Bureau, Bureau of Housing and Construction, Planning Department, Water Conservancy Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Earthquake Administration, Fire Control Detachment of Public Security Bureau, Linyi County Economic and Information Commission, County Chemical Special Action Office, Hengyuan Petrochemical Project and so on.